A Message About Winter Weather


Winter weather is making a big impact on the driving conditions across Montana, so Le-Squeegee wants to share a few winter driving tips.

  1. Keep your tank close to full and have a set of warm clothes in the vehicle. If you get stuck or stranded, a running car can be your only source of heat. It is important to have winter boots and a warm jacket if it is safe to attempt to dig out a stuck vehicle. A folding shovel is also a good investment.
  2. Use defensive driving tactics. Take your time and be safe on the road. Wait for a car to make a turn before entering an intersection and remember that other vehicles may have a difficult time stopping.
  3. Reverse into parking spots. Being able to pull straight out of a parking spot improves safety when there is not much traction in a parking lot.
  4. Follow at a safe distance. Giving yourself plenty of space is necessary in the winter to avoid other vehicles that might stop suddenly or lose control.
  5. Stay up on vehicle maintenance. Cold weather can exacerbate any issues with a vehicle, so ensure that hoses, belts and batteries are all working properly.
  6. Maintain wipers and washer fluid. Functioning windshield wipers and a full reservoir of fluid can help keep your windshield clear of frozen debris. Make sure that the washer fluid is rated for low temperatures.
  7. Brush all the snow off of your vehicle. Don’t just clear the windshield of snow, but make sure to clear the entire vehicle to avoid impaired visibility.

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