Benefits of Carpet Protector


Why Choose Carpet Protector?

Carpet cleaning is a popular choice before the holiday season to help prepare your home for guests. While carpet cleaning is a great step, adding carpet protector to your next cleaning can make a lasting impression and extend the life of your carpet. Le-Squeegee is here to provide a few reasons for adding carpet protector to your next cleaning.

  • – Improved durability – Carpet protector applied after a cleaning protects against buildup of dirt and allergens, as well as, stain defense. It keeps the carpet looking cleaner longer and is a great investment into prolonging the life of your carpet.
  • – Protection against staining – A proper application of carpet protector prevents stains from setting quickly into carpet and causing permanent damage. Protecting the fibers allows for more time to blot up stains before they set.
  • – Protection against soiling – Buildup of dirt and grease can penetrate into the carpet and damage fibers. Carpet protector allows for easier cleaning and protection from these harmful substances. Vacuums have increased efficiency and effectiveness after a proper application of carpet protector.
  • – Reduce odors and allergens – Easier to clean carpet helps prevent buildup from irritating allergens. Certain stains generate odors and are a possible source of microbial growth. Carpet protector prevents stains from setting and reduces the chance of developing odors and microbial growth.
  • – A cost-effective investment – Carpet is a big investment in any home. Adding carpet protector to cleaning can go a long way in extending its life and protecting this large investment.

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