Benefits of Heat Drying


Newman Restoration is always looking to find the least intrusive ways to repair water damage in your home. This week, Le-Squeegee is highlighting some of the benefits of using heat drying when the conditions are correct.

  • 1. Less invasive approach – Working with heat drying equipment can allow for more building materials to dry in place. The technology encourages heat to penetrate the building materials and eliminate moisture in interior walls. It is a powerful tool in returning a home to pre-loss condition after water damage.
  • 2. Reduce costly buildback – The less invasive approach afforded by heat drying equipment saves on the overall cost of buildback after water enters a home. With fewer materials removed, less time and effort needs to go into returning a home to normal.
  • 3. Quicker drying times – When heat drying equipment is utilized correctly, it can dry building materials faster when compared to conventional water restoration practices.
  • 4. Reduced chance of microbial growth – The faster water damage can be remediated, the fewer opportunities there are for microbial growth. Responding to water damage quickly and efficiently is the best way to minimize the chance of microbial growth occurring.

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