Cleaning and disinfecting remain an important part of running a healthy business


As Covid 19 continues to impact business across Montana, it is important to have a disinfecting operation lined up to return your business to a clean and healthy state. While regular, daily cleaning remains important, having a disinfecting clean after a confirmed case should be part of all business plans.


There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting: Cleaning should be completed daily. This is the process of using soap or household cleaners to remove contamination from surfaces. This reduces the risk of infection according to the CDC. Disinfecting is the process of killing germs on surfaces. This needs to be done with a product from the EPA’s List N of disinfectants. Dwell time is an important part of disinfecting. Cleaners will only be effective when the appropriate dwell time is reached. This means the surface must remain visibly wet. Dwell times for approved products are also found on the EPA’s List N. Along with cleaning, disinfection will further reduce the risk of spreading infection according to the CDC.


A facility should be disinfected when someone tests positive for COVID 19: The areas frequented by the person who tested positive should be closed off until they are disinfected. Touch points are the main focus of a disinfecting clean. This includes door handles, handrails, bathroom fixtures, desks, keyboards and all areas that are frequently touched or constantly occupied. In addition to touchpoints, a disinfecting spray with electrostatic sprayer should also be used. Electrostatic spraying charges the disinfectant allowing it to adhere to surfaces and properly disinfect an area. Reminder: dwell time is important and must be followed for a proper disinfecting clean.


Why use a professional company for a disinfecting clean: A professional cleaning company has the proper disinfectants, PPE, equipment and methodology to complete the necessary work in a safe and timely manner. The other benefit of using a professional company is it limits the exposure for a business. The team at Newman Restoration & Cleaning has the professional knowledge and experience to complete any size of facility decontamination.

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