Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year


Le-Squeegee has a new blog this Friday with a few ideas for some cleaning resolutions for the New Year. So, follow along and get some ideas for how to keep your home clean in 2024.

Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it! – From helpful apps to a physical calendar, a cleaning schedule can keep you on track! Some calendars can help you stay organized with daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annual tasks. Or you can dedicate  specific times of the week to clean areas of your house.

Plan yearly cleanings of any chimneys and dryer vents – A yearly chimney sweep and dryer vent cleaning is recommended to reduce the chance of a house fire. They also increase the efficiency of your dryer and help a fireplace or stove exhaust properly.

Replace your furnace filter and check last air duct cleaning – Having a clean furnace filter is important for indoor air quality. If it has been more than three years since your last air duct cleaning, it is something you should do in 2020. An air duct cleaning has major benefits for indoor air quality.

Deep clean major appliances – inside, outside and underneath – The new year is a great time for a reset on your major appliances. Clean out the fridge and get rid of all unwanted leftovers and expired food. Did your oven get a workout from all the holiday cooking? Well now is a great time for a deep clean. If possible, slide out your oven and clean whatever has dropped underneath.

A break from the snow? Well use that time to clean up your yard – Le-Squeegee does not like having to go through his yard after the snow melts and clean up after his dogs. So whenever there is a break from the snow buildup, take the time to clean up after your pets so you do not have a huge job waiting for you in the spring.

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