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Chimney Sweep

Newman Restoration & Cleaning takes pride in the comprehensive services and treatments we provide to Billings property owners. We can’t consider ourselves Billings’ premier cleaning service without tending to your chimneys, too. In-depth knowledge and years of experience have prepared us to provide lasting, and dependable chimney cleanings to Billings property owners.

Comprehensive Care for Billings Chimneys

Chimney cleanings are incredibly important for several reasons, but safety is our primary concern at Newman Restoration & Cleaning. A long-neglected chimney poses various threats to the safety of your home, and health. From an increased chance of house fires to carbon monoxide poisoning, the threats are extensive. Even more, overlooking your chimneys can allow for substances like creosote, a flammable chemical, to build up and quickly damage your Billings property. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out to our team for high-quality serving to your Billings chimneys.

High-Quality Chimney Sweeps

Expect only the most efficient service around when you partner with Newman Restoration & Cleaning for your chimney sweeping services. We do our best to limit the mess and mitigate the stress which so frequently accompanies the process of chimney cleaning. Exceptional chimney sweeping services are easy to come by when you enlist Newman Restoration & Cleaning to tend to the chimneys on your Billings property.

Chimney Cleaning Services for your Billings Property

Save yourself the mess of cleaning your chimneys yourself and spare yourself the trouble of finding the right company to care for your Billings property. Instead, look to Newman Restoration & Cleaning. Our team will provide chimney cleaning services that you can rely on. Commitment to our Billings customers allows us to utilize every resource available and will work with you every step of the way. We’ll do what we can to make every step of the process as seamless as possible beginning with arriving at your property on time, ready to take on projects of any kind, and any size.


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Newman Restoration & Cleaning is dedicated to restoring your home or business to its peak state of performance. Our family-first mentality has led us to become the most dependable and customer-friendly restoration service in the Billings, MT area. We offer a wide spectrum of restorative services, addressing issues dealing with water, fire, mold, sewage, and more. Contact our team today for a free estimate and more information about the long list of services we offer.

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