Common Issues with Egress Windows


Rain storms can cause issues with egress windows and result in a water intrusion. Team Newman has a few tips and suggestions to prevent water damage from an egress window.

Safety first – It is important to have a covering over window wells to protect children and pets from failing. A covering can also stop debris from falling into the window well and causing damage.

Proper drainage – Drainage is one of the main issues regarding egress windows. Whether it is landscaping or a drain system, ensuring proper draining is of vital importance. If a yard is sloped towards a window well, it could cause problems and will often require a landscaper to divert the flow of water away from any windows. A flooded egress window will often lead to issues.

Prevent from getting submerged – When an egress window is submerged in water, it will often start to leak. When a window well fills with water, the water will find the path of least resistance, which is often through the window and into the home.

Proper gravel or drain system – Depending on the situation, all a window well needs to avoid flooding is the proper amount of gravel at the base. However, a drain system may be required to divert water out of the window well. If your windows do have a drain system, ensure it remains clear of debris so it can function properly.

A common spot for foundation issues – Foundation cracks often start off the corner of a window. If the ground below an egress window becomes saturated, water can force its way through the foundation crack.

Newman Restoration wants to help you prevent any flooding or water damage to your home or property. If you find any water or signs of water damage, call our certified professionals to help you get the problem mitigated appropriately.

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