Dryer Vents Cause House Fires


Has it been a year since your last dryer vent cleaning?

It is easy to remember to clean out your lint trap between loads of laundry, but cleaning the
dryer vent itself is easy to forget. Le-Squeegee has a few reasons as to why it is important to
clean out your dryer vent!

Reduce the risk of a home fire – A build up in your dryer vent can be the source of a home fire.
Excess lint can trap heat and start a fire. This safety precaution is the number one reason to get
your dryer vent cleaned once a year.

Set a reminder for getting your dryer vent cleaned – It is an easy thing to forget, so set a
reminder in your phone to let you know it is time for your dryer vent to be cleaned. Also, put a
physical reminder near your washer and dryer with the last date of cleaning.

Make your dryer more efficient – A clean dryer vent helps a dryer run more efficiently. This
means clothes dry faster and a lower electric bill. A clean dryer vent also means your dryer does
not have to work as hard and will last longer.

Signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning – There are a few signs that indicate the dryer vent
needs to be cleaned. One basic sign is that clothes are taking longer to dry. Another common
sign is a burning smell. Both of these indicate that there is a problem with the venting of the
dryer. Another visual sign is if there is a buildup of lint where the dryer vent exits the structure.
This is a clear sign that dryer vent cleaning is needed.

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