Father’s Day Space Prep


Looking forward to spending some time outdoors this Father’s Day Weekend? Le-Squeegee has a few tips on how to get your patio area and outside ready for a celebration!

Tidy up and invest in storage options – One of the simplest ways to make an outdoor area look better is to tidy up! Removing clutter and finding storage is an easy way to transform an outdoor space. Plastic storage containers can protect your belongings and keep a space looking tidy!

Clean off furniture and tables – Dust off tables and patio furniture to make sure everything is looking perfect. It is especially important to clean underneath patio furniture as it is a place that spiders often take refuge. Follow the care tag instructions on upholstered patio furniture to make sure it is cleaned properly.

Give your patio space a rinse – One of the best ways to clean your patio area is a quick rinse with the hose! Some surfaces can handle the use of a power washer, but be careful as too much pressure can damage a deck or patio. Also, make sure all windows are closed nearby as it would be an unpleasant surprise to be accidently rinsing the inside of your home as well. It is also a good time to double check that your hose bib is not leaking, as that can be a source of water damage to your home.

Decorate if you have the time – Fresh flowers or patio lights can go a long way in adding to an outdoor patio. It is a quick way to make a big visual impact for your home.

Follow recommendations for cleaning your grill – It is a good idea to clean out your grill before you use it for the first time this season. However, some grills have very specific cleaning instructions so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Don’t forget to seal wood decks – Winter can be harsh on a wood deck. It is a good idea to seal a wood deck once a year. This keeps water from penetrating the surface and rotting the wood.

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