Get prepared for spring cleaning!


Le-Squeegee is here with some advice on how to be better prepared for spring cleaning this year!

Prepare a detailed list of what you want to accomplish with your spring cleaning – Whether it is small goals or big goals, write everything down to be prepared for spring cleaning and hold yourself accountable. Also a spring cleaning goals list can be motivational. Give yourself multiple small tasks to build up and conquer a larger task. Make your list in order of priority so you can tackle what is most important to you.

Get stocked up with your supplies – Nothing is more frustrating than getting in the groove of cleaning and not having enough supplies or the proper supplies. It can kill your motivation and take time out of your planned cleaning time to reload on supplies. So as you are making a list for what you want to accomplish for spring cleaning, also make a list of the supplies you will need.

Budget – Budgeting is very important for spring cleaning. Make a budget for your time to ensure that what you want to accomplish is feasible. Also budget for the money to be spent on spring cleaning. Whether it is money for a professional carpet cleaning or more supplies, having a set budget can ensure spring cleaning doesn’t put a big dent in your wallet.

Prep your mind and space for spring cleaning – Envision what a perfectly clean area of your home would look like and how exciting it will be to host that first barbeque or party! Start with removing clutter that has built up over the winter to get some positive feelings flowing about the upcoming spring clean.

Plan to clean from the top down – Having experience with a professional cleaning company, Le-Squeegee recommends that everything is cleaned from the top down. Start with ceilings and ceiling fans and work down to bookshelves, tables and countertops. Save the floors for last as this will ensure you only have to clean them once at the end of the process instead of multiple times.

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