Get your chimney swept this summer


The warm weather is coming and getting a chimney sweep could be the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to get a professional chimney sweep. 


If a chimney is used regularly, it should be swept yearly. Scheduling a cleaning for the summer will avoid the late fall and winter rush to make sure you are prepared to burn a safe fire all winter long. Take something off of the to-do-list and get your cleaning on the books now.


In addition to avoiding the rush later in the year, it is easier and safer for companies to clean your chimney in the summer. Bad weather can make getting on the roof unsafe and delay cleaning.  A clear roof makes it much easier to clean a chimney in a top-down fashion and clean the cap. 


Make sure you use a professional company that cares. At Newman Restoration, we protect the inside of your home to ensure it does not get any contamination during the cleaning process. We protect the mantle and surrounding areas with drop cloths and plastic over the fireplace or stove opening to ensure no soot escapes. Our team also uses a three stage HEPA vacuum to prevent any dust from being exhausted into the home.

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