Groundwater Issues


In addition to foundation cracks, groundwater issues can develop multiple times a year. They are common when the snow melts and the groundwater becomes saturated. They can also develop from irrigation issues or nearby flooding.

Many homes are built with defenses against groundwater. Whether it is a protective coating around the foundation, a drainage system or sump pumps, these measures can go a long way in defending a home from groundwater.

Make sure pump systems stay operational and drains remain clear. Without being able to work properly, these issues can prevent them from working. It is a good idea to test sump pumps and make sure they continue to work.

What to do if groundwater becomes an issue? The first step is to remediate any damage from the groundwater inside the home to prevent microbial growth. Afterwards, it may be necessary to consult with a structural engineer to develop a solution for groundwater issues. The amount of groundwater is impacted by multiple factors, including the source and current weather conditions. Not all solutions will be the same and often require the help of an expert to find the most appropriate defense.

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