Holiday Safety Recommendations


As the holiday season reaches full swing, Le-Squeegee and Team Newman have a few recommendations to ensure everyone stays safe!

Do not leave your cooking unattended – When using your cooktop indoors, keep an eye on what you are cooking, especially when frying or broiling. It can only take a few seconds for a disaster to happen.

Be cautious of what is in the kitchen when preparing your holiday meals (especially pets and children) – When the family is gathered in and around the kitchen over the holidays, it is important to keep a close watch for any over-ambitious children or pets who might want an early taste of the meal to come. Also, a kitchen can become cluttered with ingredients and dishes brought by others. Make sure items are not kept close to the stovetop as they present an ignition danger.

Utilize timers as a reminder – Not only does using a timer help ensure your food is not overcooked, it can also save you from a disaster.

Invest in a home fire extinguisher – A home fire extinguisher is a great idea year-round. For the holiday season, make sure your fire extinguisher is not damaged and placed in an easy to reach location.

Find a sober ride home – It is easy to have one two many when surrounded by friends and family! Make plans before your festivities to have a sober driver or utilize a taxi or ride sharing app.

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