Home cleaning tips for the holiday season


Keeping your home clean with extra family and guests around is of high importance this holiday season. During the Covid 19 pandemic, extra attention must be paid to disinfecting and cleaning common touch points.

Focus on commonly touched areas – The most efficient and time effective cleaning and disinfecting should be focused on commonly touched areas. These include door handles, light switches, countertops, tables and chairs. Use this list to find products capable of disinfecting. 

Bathrooms – Special attention needs to be paid to bathrooms. Bathrooms have many high touch areas, including faucets, handles and fixtures. Any towels used by guests should be washed after their stay. 

Electronics and remotes – A commonly missed portion of cleaning and disinfecting is electronic. TV remotes, game controllers and mobile devices are commonly touched items which need to be cleaned. 

Protect yourself – Wash your hands before you start cleaning and wear disposable gloves. Do not touch your face when you are cleaning. Wearing a facemask or face shield while cleaning is a good reminder to not touch your face. Dispose of your gloves and wash your hands again after cleaning. 

Keep cleaning items around for everyone to use – Make sure the bathrooms are stocked with hand soap and hand sanitizer is available. Keep disinfecting wipes on tables and counters for others to use. 

Follow the instructions for your cleaning product – Cleaning products have different surface contact times to properly disinfect a surface. These times will be listed on the container or can be found online. It is important for the surface to look visible wet for the entire duration of the contact or dwell time for the product to be effective.

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