Improve A/C Functioning


Le-Squeegee is here to help with a few hints to make sure the A/C unit is functioning properly.

Change your air filter – It is a good idea to change your air filter with the seasons. Most filters recommend that they are changed every three months, but make sure to follow the manufacturer timeframe. 

Is it time for a thermostat upgrade – There are many options for programmable thermostats. These can reduce electrical bills by making the A/C unit run more efficiently.

Clear any debris from around the unit – It is important to make sure there is no debris blocking the A/C unit from getting proper airflow or damaging the unit itself.

Remove items that block airflow from vents – If vents are covered up or the airflow is impeded, it can impact the efficiency of cooling your home.

Look for wear and tear on the system – Wear or damage to the ducting can cause efficiency issues. Wear on the wiring of the A/C unit can be a potential safety risk. Also check the insulation around the refrigeration lines to ensure it is insulated and working efficiently. 

Get air ducts cleaned every three years – Having clean air ducts makes for a cleaner and healthier home as well as allowing for the air to move efficiently throughout your home.

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