Keeping gutters clean and ensuring proper drainage


As many in Montana have some extra time around the home, it is a good idea to get prepared for spring weather. One important issue to tackle is proper drainage around your home in anticipation of rain.

Why is proper drainage and clean gutters important? – The main reason is to prevent the ground near the home from becoming oversaturated. If the ground near the home becomes saturated, the water has no place to go and will try to find a way through the foundation of the home. This can cause expensive repairs inside your home. Also, if water begins to pool near your home it can enter through basement windows and doors. These are all issues that can be avoided with clean gutters and proper drainage.

A few tips for cleaning gutters – First, prepare yourself. Gutters can have sharp edges and debris built up over the last few months. Protect your hands with gloves and wear a long sleeved shirt to protect your forearms. Next, prep the area around where you will be cleaning. Ensure you have a safe, level spot to anchor your ladder. Also, put a tarp down as an area to catch gutter debris. This makes cleanup much easier!

Downspout extensions – A crucial element in directing water away from the foundation of a home is a downspout extension. There are many different solutions, but the most common ones are an elbow at the end of the downspout or a flex line that directs the water away. It is imperative to have a directional element to move water away from the home instead of just saturating the ground next to the home.

Flush your gutters – Once your gutters have been cleaned, run water through the entire system to check for leaks and proper drainage. It is best for water to be directed downhill away from the property wherever possible.

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