Pest controler eliminiates a mold infestation

Commercial Mold Removal

Mold spores can become airborne in your Billings building and cause health problems for your employees, clients and visitors. Our commercial mold remediation experts in Billings follow our proven method for successful mold removal. We start with an in-depth assessment of the molds that are present at your Billings property and the damage they have caused.  Our commercial mold removal professionals then target those specific molds to remove them and institute a series of steps to keep future mold away from your home.

Understanding Mold in Billings

Commercial mold removal in Billings must first begin with the understanding of mold. Mold is a fungus consisting of small organisms. It can be black, white, orange, green or purple. In nature, it plays a role in breaking down organic materials, a vital part of the decomposition process. Unfortunately, it will do the same in buildings, which can cause structural damages. Mold also releases spores that have the potential to be allergens, irritants or mycotoxins that can damage health.

The Assessment Before Commercial Mold Remediation

Before any mold removal, our experts in Billings conduct a deep assessment of the mold in your commercial building. We want to know exactly what mold we are facing and where it is hiding. Visible mold is often the tip of the iceberg, more growths are also present where it isn’t visible at your Billings property, such as underneath carpets and inside walls. The type of material to which the mold has adhered must also be considered in our commercial mold removal process. Once we have the answers, we can target your building’s mold.

After Your Billings Building’s Mold Removal

Commercial mold remediation in Billings happens after all the mold has been removed. We scrub all surfaces to ensure that no more mold remains at your Billings business and use air dryers and fans to speed the drying process—remember, mold thrives on moisture. Making your building as inhospitable as possible for future mold infestations, we pull our assessment equipment back out. We take particulate readings to ensure that the mold no longer exists in your commercial building and that our scope of work has paid off.


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