Pay attention to dwell or contact times for cleaning products


With heightened attention to home cleaning and cleaning products, one lesser discussed facet of cleaning and disinfection is dwell or contact times. Team Newman wants to explain why this is a crucial factor to pay attention to when cleaning during the current pandemic.

Wear disposable gloves – When cleaning around the home it is important to protect yourself. Wear disposable gloves when cleaning to keep your hands away from germs, viruses and bacteria. Also, some disinfecting products can irritate the skin, this can be prevented by wearing gloves.

Clean first – When combating the spread of a virus, it is important to clean with soap and water first. This removes the buildup of dirt and grime and gives a disinfectant the best surface to work on and promote the healthiest environment.

Know the product – Read the label, or check the EPA list of disinfectants (link below) to find the dwell or contact time. This is crucial to ensure the product works. Dwell times often range from thirty seconds to ten minutes. A product it tested and will only reach the proper result by following the dwell time.

Surface needs to look visibly wet for the recommended amount of time – In order to achieve results during the dwell time, the surface needs to stay visibly wet. Take the time to make sure your cleaning and disinfection is done properly and will be effective.

Wipe off after applying disinfectant – It is important to wipe off the disinfectant after the dwell time. Use a clean and wet rag or cloth to wipe down surfaces after the recommended dwell time. If left on a surface for too long, a disinfectant can damage the surface or irritate skin.

EPA list of disinfectants

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