Prevent Damage From Rain Storms


Those living in Montana have come to expect big rain storms during the spring and summer. While these storms are important for our ecosystem, they can leave property damage in their wake without proper preparation. Le-Squeegee is here with a few helpful tips to avoid damage from the big rain storm.

Clear gutters and ensure they are draining away from the property – Clear all gutters and downspouts from debris. This can be a difficult task, so please stay safe by using a ladder properly. Also ensure downspouts are clear and do not drain right at your foundation walls. This could allow for water to oversaturate the ground and enter through any foundation cracks in the property.

Check the seal around doors and windows – A door or window without a proper seal can be a path for water to enter your property and cause water damage. These areas should be checked after every big storm to ensure they will hold up for the next one.

All pumps are operational – A big downpour is not the ideal time to learn that a sump pump is not working. It is a good idea to regularly check their status to know they will work when needed.

Pay attention to pets – A pet can get injured or stuck out in a big rainstorm if it is left outside. Also, a wet and muddy dog can ruin furniture, area rugs and more if it finds its way back inside before you have a chance to clean them.

Check roof for possible damage before and after a storm – Missing shingles, tiles or cracks can be a problem for a roof before a big storm. It is a good idea to visually inspect your roof after the winter snow melt. Checking for damage after a big storm is also another good idea.

And as always, if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation with water damage or mold, call the certified and trusted professionals at Newman Restoration to help remediate.

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