Prevent Window Well Water Leakage


A leak in the window well of the basement can be a source of major property damage. Le-Squeegee is here with some helpful hints to prevent property damage originating from a leaking window well.

Ensure proper drainage away from windows – One way to prevent a window well from leaking is to make sure water does not reach it. If a downspout drains near a window well it can saturate the ground and enter a crack near the window. Extend downspouts away from a window well to prevent the ground around it from becoming saturated.

Keep window wells free from debris – Debris can block water from properly draining away from the window well. Also, debris can build up and cause damage to the window seal and glass.

Inspect windows regularly – Window seals can become damaged and be an entryway for outside water. Recaulk windows when necessary to ensure they do not leak. Excess water in a window can cause the frame to warp or rot, so it is also important to check if there has been excessive damage.

Inspect for foundation cracks – A foundation crack can originate near a window well. They most often occur from the corner of the window and can be the entry way for water if the ground becomes oversaturated.

Invest in window well covers – A window well cover can prevent debris from damaging the window. It is an investment that can prevent a major problem.

Check insurance options for water damage from an outside source – In some cases, water damage will not be covered if it comes from an outside source. It can be a worthwhile investment that provides peace-of-mind.

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