Reduce exposure to allergies with some spring cleaning


Le-Squeegee is here with a few helpful hints for some spring cleaning to reduce your exposure to allergies.

Vacuum regularly – Allergens can often be trapped in carpet as you walk in from the outside or keep the windows open. Vacuuming helps eliminate the dust, pollen or other allergens that trigger spring allergies.

Get your carpets cleaned – Are your allergies more severe than usual? Well then it could be time for more than just vacuuming your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning will eliminate the allergens trapped deep in your carpet as well as make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Wash sheets weekly – Just like carpets, bed sheets and linens can be a landing spot for allergens. It is best to wash them at least once a week with hot water. Also, try to avoid air drying them, as putting your sheets outside allows them to gather dust and pollen.

Dust regularly and reduce clutter – More surface area means more places to clean and places for allergens to sit. Organize extra belongings in easy to clean plastic containers. When dusting, us a rag or mop and warm water to avoid just spreading the dust to another location.

Clean air ducts if you have a continual dust problem – If dust seems to be building up faster and faster, the problem could be coming from your air duct system. A professional cleaning of your air ducts will help cut down on dust and allergens.

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