Reducing the impact of allergens


Have allergies been a summer nuisance? If so, Team Newman and LeSqueegee have a couple recommendations for around the house that can improve your indoor air quality and reduce the impact of allergens.


Take care of the spaces you occupy most – Having a clean bedroom is vital to avoiding irritating allergies. Clean bedding and a dust free area is very important to getting a good night sleep. A room air filter can also be a huge benefit in reducing allergens. Frequently change or wash sheets and vacuum frequently. Be mindful of how often you leave your window open as it can be a gateway for allergens to enter the home. 


Carpets and rugs can be a trap for allergies – Allergens can settle within the fibers of carpet. Regular vacuuming can be a solution, however it is best to vacuum with a HEPA filter. This will trap allergens that can filter through regular vacuums. If vacuuming isn’t doing the trick, invest in a professional carpet cleaning. Not only will it improve the look of carpets or rugs, it will make a significant impact on the allergens, dust and dirt trapped within. 


Clean filters and ductwork is vital to stop allergens – Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to clean or switch the filters in the HVAC system. Filters need to be checked monthly and replaced if they are dirty. Normally, filters require changing every two months. A clean filter helps an HVAC system operate properly. A professional air duct cleaning should occur once every three years to maintain high air quality and clean ductwork.


Avoid tracking allergies – Allergens can be carried into a home on shoes and clothing. It is a good idea to remove shoes when entering a home to avoid spreading dust and dirt. This can have a major impact on what gets spread throughout a home. If you do like to wear shoes inside, have a pair of indoor shoes you can put on that stay clean. 


Windows can also be a problem area for allergens – including drapes and curtains – Open windows can easily allow for pollen and other irritants to travel into a home. Drapes and curtains are a common collection point for these allergens. Vacuum drapes and curtains regularly or if suitable, machines wash them. 


Summary – The best way to reduce the impact allergens have on your home is to keep it clean. Eliminating dust buildups, removing shoes at the door and regular cleaning is a great start. If issues persist, look to the professionals for help. A professional carpet cleaning or duct cleaning can provide major relief.

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