Commercial Sewage Cleanup

Sewage cleanup at commercial buildings in Billings must be done quickly and efficiently. The longer your building in Billings is inaccessible, the more revenue you stand to lose. Our goal is to get your building back to its former glory, and with minimal downtime. But what was the cause of this awful backup? What are steps you can take to avoid this in the future? And how will we preserve the safety of your employees and customers while cleaning your property?

Potential Causes of Backups in Your Billings Building

If your sewage is backing up at your commercial building in Billings, there might be structural defects, city sewer backups, solid flushes, or root infiltration. Structural defects like misaligned pipes, cracks, holes, or pipes collapsing might be the cause of your backups. If the backup occurs in a Billings city sewage line, that might cause a backup in your building as well. Solid objects that don’t decompose but make their way down your toilet can cause backups. Roots that have grown through or collapsed your pipes might also be culprits.

Our Billings Experts Know Time Is of the Essence

We want your Billings building to be restored to a safe condition and get you past this difficult time. A backup also has the potential to affect your bottom line. If your building is down during the sewage backup, that can cost you revenue. The backup can contain bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can make people in your building sick. Our professionals in Billings will work around the schedule of your employees to provide the least disruption possible.

Safety for Your Employees and Customers in Billings

The bacteria found in sewage can cause acanthamoeba, various coli, helicobacter pylori, leptospirosis, and salmonella. There might also be fire hazards present if the water has risen to the level of electrical outlets. We use professional equipment and our training to ensure your Billings employees are safe through our entire process. We use air machines to remove airborne particles as we work and will seal off contaminated areas. Because HVAC systems can spread contamination, we seal those off as well.


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