oxygen bubble in dirty sewage water treatment in factory pond.

Sewage Removal & Extraction

No Billings property owner in their right mind enjoys an event that calls for sewage extraction. Our company tries to make your sewage removal and sewage cleanup services as efficient and painless as we possibly can. We are available in Billings 24 hours a day and can start your project the moment it develops to mitigate potential damage. If we do our job properly, no one will have any idea that a flood event occurred at your Billings property. Your building will be completely restored and you will have peace of mind.

Fast and Effective Sewage Removal in Billings

Most of the time, sewage extraction is the immediate priority of the cleanup. The water must be removed right away. Mold can form after just 24 hours, and the water can begin to rot the wooden frame of your Billings home almost immediately. We pump the water out of your Billings property and perform any necessary repairs to address leaks, then use professional air moving machines to dry the area out. We can then begin to scrub and cleanse surfaces that might have been exposed to the contamination.

Types of Water Your Billings Property Might Need Removed

Our sewage extraction covers the three types of water that might be flooding your Billings building, white, gray and black. White water comes from water supply pipes or even rainwater. Gray water is slightly contaminated, and may have come from dishwashers, showers, aquariums and more. Sewage cleanup comes with the black water. It can be highly contaminated and might have come from sewer pipes or a river overflowing. If in doubt, assume water is black water and contact us right away to take care of the problem.

Thorough Long-Term Sewage Cleanup Solutions

When sewage removal is complete, the immediate danger has passed. But we want to ensure that your Billings building is safe from contaminants for the long haul. Simply airing out areas that have been exposed to water contamination and drying the affected rooms are not enough to make your home safe again. We will remove any furniture, carpet, drywall, insulation or anything else that is at risk for contamination. We then treat the surfaces to ensure any contaminants are completely gone from your Billings property.


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