Spring is the perfect time for a chimney sweep


As the weather begins to warm up around Montana, most of use will retire using the fireplace or wood burning stove for the next six months. However, now is the best time to get a chimney swept.


Chimneys should be swept yearly – If a chimney is used regularly during the winter, it should be swept every year. A chimney sweep can prevent creosote buildup, which is a common ignition source for a dangerous house fire. A sweep will also eliminate any blockages and allow for the chimney to draft more efficiently. 


Avoid the rush – Once the cold weather starts to set in, the phone starts ringing for professional chimney sweeps. You can avoid the rush by booking your chimney sweep in the spring or summer.


Be ready for the cold weather – Getting your chimney swept early puts your mind at ease for when the cold weather comes. Having a clean chimney means you are prepared for the cold weather ahead.


Easier access = a better clean – A snow covered or icy roof can prevent access to the top of the chimney. The ability to clean from the top of the chimney down to the fireplace or stove, allows for a more thorough clean.

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