Springtime Safe Driving Tips


With the arrival of spring also comes the start of construction season and other hazards to be aware of when you are driving. Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help everyone stay safe on the road!

Be cautious of spring showers – A spring downpour is normal for this time of year in Montana. Now is a great time to get new windshield wipers so you are not caught out by a sudden shower. Also, water can pool quickly and cause vehicles to aquaplane. Maintaining a reasonable speed is important to prevent losing control of your vehicle.

Pay close attention for kids and pets – As the weather warms up, more people are outside. It is important to slow down in residential neighborhoods and watch out for children, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, etc.

Watch out for road construction – Now is the time for road construction to pick up in Montana. Always follow signs and speed limits in construction areas for the safety of everyone.

Share the road with motorcycles – Motorcyclists have looked forward to the end of winter and now is the time to make sure that everyone shares the road. Make sure to check blind spots for motorcyclists so everyone can have a safe journey.

Check over vehicles that were put away for the winter – Whether it is an RV, motorcycle or sports car, it is a good idea to have your vehicle inspected if it has been hibernating all winter. No reason to cut the first joyride of spring short with a mechanical problem!

Reduce speeds in case of wandering wildlife – Be careful of wildlife returning to the roads as the weather warms up. It is a good idea to drive carefully when roadside visibility is limited.

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