Super Sunday Cleaning


Le-Squeegee is bringing some new advice for this Friday Blog. With the big game coming up this Sunday, Le-Squeegee has some Super suggestions for keeping your home clean if you are throwing a big party!


Have plenty of easily accessible trash cans and label them for what you want in them! – Most of your guests for the big game will be enjoying snacks and drinks and do not want to turn their attention away from the television. Make it easy for them to ditch their trash and keep the house looking nice by having all trash receptacles easy to find and labeled. Want your recycling separated? Well make sure there is a trash can labeled for recycling. This makes it much easier on guests and hosts.


Ask guests to remove their shoes before coming inside – With the forecast for Sunday anticipating snow in central Montana, keep your house looking tidy by simply asking guests to remove their shoes at the door! This simple ask can save hours of vacuuming and cleaning later!


Deal with the leftover food right away – Some of those tasty game day snacks can turn to real stinkers very quickly. Avoid the unpleasant smell by getting that leftover food wrapped up and in the refrigerator. One of Le-Squeegee’s favorite moves is to encourage guests to take home all of the leftover food.


Is the man cave starting to smell too much like a locker room? Keep a few candles around to change it! Candles or an oil diffuser can drastically alter the smell of a room. Keep them in mind if the area around the television is starting to smell like a sweaty locker room!


After the game is over, follow the top down cleaning method- Start with cleaning  tables and countertops before moving on tho chairs and floors. This way, as crumbs and other food debris gets knocked down to the floor, it is the last thing to be cleaned. This ensures it only has to be cleaned once!


Asks your guests to help out before they leave – Le-Squeegee’s friends sometimes need a little encouragement to help clean. But teamwork can make the post game cleanup go way faster. 

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