Synthetic vs Botanical cleaning products


Team Newman utilizes an array of different cleaning products and disinfectants depending on the circumstances. These products come with different methods of application, dwell times, dilution rates and risks. Whenever possible, Newman Restoration & Cleaning utilizes botanical cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Most often, these products are the safest and easiest to use.


What is a botanical disinfectant or cleaner? – Botanical cleaners are basically plant-based cleaning products. Team Newman’s preferred botanical products are created from 100% plant essential oils. 


Botanicals are safer for the environment – With many synthetic disinfectants, after the proper dwell time is achieved, the product must be removed from the surface. However, with botanical cleaners, this step is often not required. Botanicals can also be biodegradable and not have the aquatic toxicity of many synthetic cleaners. Botanical cleaners are safer for homes with pets and children.


Safer for the user – Many synthetic disinfectants require the use of personal protective equipment for application. For most botanicals, there is not a need for protective equipment, or a lower level of protective equipment is required. 


Easier to use – Overall, botanical cleaners can simplify the cleaning or disinfection process. Not having to utilize protective equipment or a clean any residue allows for an efficient and effective cleaning process with fewer steps and hassles. 


No matter what product you use, follow the instructions provided by manufacturers – For the safest and most effective use of any cleaning or disinfecting product, following the instructions on the label and from the manufacturer is vital. Labels will have any necessary information about toxicity, protective equipment required and dwell times. These are important factors for the proper use of these products.

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