Team Newman Solution to Foundation Issues


Foundation issues and the resulting damage are a frustration for many homeowners. Le-Squeegee has some information on how Newman Restoration & Cleaning can help with foundation crack issues.

Identifying a foundation crack – A foundation crack can be easy to spot in an unfinished basement, but how can you find one covered by drywall? Cracks will often go undetected until they leak. Hydrostatic pressure will build and force groundwater through a crack. Newman Restoration uses advanced water detection techniques and equipment to find leaks and discover their cause. Cracks can sometimes be detected from the exterior of the home on an exposed part of the foundation. However, it is always best to fix the issue from the inside of the home so the entire length of the foundation crack can be addressed. If a foundation crack has started leaking or is wider than 1/8th of an inch, it is time for the issue to be fixed.

Structural vs non-structural issues – Foundation cracks come in three categories. Diagonal, horizontal and vertical. Diagonal and vertical cracks are most often considered non-structural damage. However, horizontal cracks frequently need the attention of a structural engineer and more complicated solution. A crack is considered horizontal when it runs more than 75 degrees from vertical. For non-structural issues, a foundation crack injection is the best fix.

Newman Restoration’s method – Team Newman uses a hydrophilic polyurethane injection to fill foundation cracks. It is injected from the middle of the crack for the best seal. The exterior of the crack is also sealed to get the best result possible.

Lifetime transferable warranty – Thinking about a foundation crack solution. One good question to ask is what is the warranty from each company? Team Newman is proud to offer a lifetime transferable warranty with our foundation crack solutions.

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