Tips to avoid water damage from heavy rain storms


Summer rain storms can strike quickly in central Montana. A few minutes of heavy rain can be enough to cause costly water damage. Team Newman has a few tips to help prevent water damage from heavy rain. 


Proper drainage around the property is a major factor – Directing water runoff away from the property is one of the best ways to avoid costly water damage. When water pools up around the foundation it can find a way through the foundation. Downspouts need to direct away from the property and stay free of blockages. Gutters must also be kept clean so they can work efficiently. Poor landscaping can also allow water to enter a property. If the landscaping slopes toward a home, it can cause the water to flow directly to the home and settle near the foundation. 


Prep window wells – Window wells are a common spot for water to enter a home during a rainstorm. If possible, cover window wells to prevent rainfall from entering. Coverings can also stop fallen branches or debris from breaking a window and causing major damage. Even with a proper cover, window wells can fill with water from oversaturated ground. This issue can often be solved with proper drainage. In extreme cases, a drain system can be installed in window wells to properly divert water away from the home. 


Inspect your property after a heavy rain – The first thing to look for is any signs of water damage inside the home. Check around the exterior walls for wet carpet or swollen trim. It is also a good idea to check the exterior. Look for water in window wells and see if it has pooled anywhere around the exterior of the home. This can show where water is not draining properly. 


Inspect for foundation cracks – Foundation cracks are another common source of water damage during a big rain storm. Water saturates the ground and pushes its way through the foundation. Some cracks are not visible because they are covered by sheetrock. However, some foundation cracks can be seen from the exterior. If a foundation crack is visible, it is a good idea to invest in a crack injection. 

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