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Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding is a catastrophe that can strike your business or home without notice, leaving you with no time to prepare. Plumbing leaks, malfunctioning appliances, and storms can all lead to the sudden flooding of a property. Whatever causes a flood to occur in your Billings home or business, you can count on our flood damage restoration team to mitigate the damage and bring your property to the state it was in before disaster ensued. Flood damage repairs are just one of the many restoration services we extend to Billings property owners.

The Importance of Flood Damage Restoration and Repairs in Billings

There is a 26% chance of severe damage from flooding facing over 141,000 properties in Montana. With this number constituting over 22% of properties in the state, you understand that yours isn't entirely safe, especially if it is situated in flood-prone areas like Billings, Yellowstone County, Red Lodge, and Big Sky, to mention a few. You don't have a say in whether your home or business property is hit by a flood or not, but you can control your response to the flooding. Water damage causes sogginess and saturation on your property, which makes it unbearable to live or operate in. However, additional damage that can be hazardous to your health is mold growth; this is what you want to be particularly weary about. Mold growth, which starts barely 24 hours after water damage, eats into your housing structure, causing the deterioration of materials like wood and dry walls. In severe cases, your floors and ceilings don't survive this infestation, and your property becomes completely inhabitable. Flood damage repair and restorations allow you to limit and reverse these damages on your property effectively. The faster you hire flood restoration companies, the lower your risks of further damage from a flood, the more items you salvage, and the more cost you save on your damaged home in the long run.   

Billings' Choice in Flood Damage Repairs

Water damage is generally categorized into 3 levels of severity: minor, substantial, and extreme. The quicker you call us, the better chance you have of keeping your water damage to a minimum. We’ll begin flood damage repairs as soon as we arrive on site, preventing the chance of any secondary damage to your Billings property, and subsequently saving you more money in potential damages.

24 hour Emergency Flood Restoration Services

Flood cleanup is most effective when it’s done shortly after the flood occurs. The longer you wait to call a flood damage restoration team, the more damage your property will sustain. That’s why our flood restoration services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no amount of flood damage that can wait until “normal business hours.” If you’re in need of flood repairs, call our team in Billings immediately.

Steps in Repairing Flood Damage

The first step when it comes to flood damage is determining the source, and whether the cause of the flooding is natural or not.      

  1. With artificial flood damage, you first find the source of the excess water and seal it up as soon as possible. Once you do this, or if the cause of this flooding is natural, you may proceed to the next step.
  2. Turn off electricity on your property if it is safe to do so.
  3. Evacuate the property to a dry and safe spot nearby for artificial flooding, or get yourself and others into a safe temporary shelter if the flooding is natural.
  4. Call for professional help immediately, or contact the landlord if you rent the property.
  5. Accurately document the events through photos and videos so that you can verify insurance claims.
  • After all these, the cleanup, restoration, and repair processes start. The speed and effectiveness of these processes depend on the flood restoration companies you hire for the job. Newman Restoration & Cleaning employs the best practices in flood repair and restoration, which is evident in our meticulous processes.  

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Our Flood Restoration and Repair Process

When you contact us, we get involved immediately.        

  1. Preliminary Assessment: We ask questions to understand your specific flooding situation and quickly schedule a date for one of our professionals to conduct a critical physical inspection of your property.
  2. Physical Inspection: Our professional physically inspects your home or commercial property to establish in-depth and actionable details on your flooding situation. We assess the level of damage, identify potential hazards in the environment, and tell you what can be salvaged from the property. If your water damage is from an artificial source, we help you put an end to the flooding.
  3. Water Extraction: When the source of flooding subsides, whether natural or artificial, we utilize powerful pumps to extract gallons of water from concentrated spots on your property, reducing the drying time.
  4. Extraction of Damaged Materials: We improve our focus on results by removing your property's damaged and unsalvageable parts.
  5. Cleaning and Deodorizing: We also implement the best practices, equipment, and formulated products to restore your furniture, flooring, and personal belongings with a thorough cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization, where necessary.
  6. Drying: We don't depend on natural drying. Rather, we utilize the most appropriate industry-leading equipment to control the drying process and bring your housing materials and items back to their appropriate moisture levels.
  7. Monitoring: Our major focus during this monitoring stage is to ensure materials are drying properly. We assess the performance of different drying equipment, compare this to the response of water-logged items, and make the appropriate optimizations to achieve the best result.
  8. Structural Reconstruction: If your property has been structurally damaged, we also proceed with reconstruction to bring it back to its pre-damage state.
  • Working with Newman Restoration throughout your surface and structural property restoration ensures that every process seamlessly flows into each other. This collaboration helps save your precious time and, ultimately, money.

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Flood Damage Restoration in Billings You Can Trust

Our flood repair process is thorough and calculated. We begin by removing any standing water from your property. We then dry and disinfect the affected area by using top-of-the-line methods and equipment. Once the affected area is properly dried and sanitized, we’ll begin replacing all items in your property that are beyond salvageable. We don’t skip steps or cut corners when we work on your Billings property. For all your flood emergency-related needs, contact our team at (406) 672-2819.  

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