Winter Travel Tips


In the midst of the holiday season it is always recommended to be prepared for winter driving! Le-Squeegee has a few tips on how to be prepared for a winter car journey!


Have your car stocked with extra food and water incase you are stuck for an extended period of time – Unfortunately when winter weather hits in Montana, it can cause long delays. If you happen to be stranded it may take an extended period of time before help arrives. Bottled water and trail mix are good options to have with you on a long road trip if you are stranded for a dew hours.


Along with extra food, have a set of winter clothes and blankets – Car trouble can mean a long stay out in the cold. So be prepared with extra clothes, including socks, mittens and something for your head. Hypothermia can set in if you spend even a short amount of time trying to free a stuck vehicle, so a change of dry clothes is important. Space blankets are also a good idea as they fold up into a small package and can be stored easily in a vehicle. 


Proper safety gear for being outside near a roadway – A set of cones and a high-visibility jacket are important to have if you get stranded on the road. It is necessary to make yourself visible to oncoming traffic if you get stuck or have a mechanical issue. This safety equipment may be inconvenient to haul around, but it can save your life.


Keep a snow shovel in the trunk – A snow shovel can be the key to getting a car unstuck. It is a useful piece of kit to keep with you, and models can be found that collapse to help take up less space. Please make sure it is safe to be outside before attempting to free a stuck vehicle. 


Completely defrost your car before driving – Le-Squeegee wants everyone to take the time to defrost their windows before driving. This is a necessary step to ensure visibility before starting out on a winter journey.


Check tread levels on tires – A proper tire inspection before winter is recommended. Worn tires are a serious safety hazard in the winter. 


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