Winter Weather And Your Heating Needs


Is the winter weather making an impact on your heating bill? Well Le-Squeegee has a few tips to keep your home working efficiently.

  1. Replace the furnace filter regularly. A clean filter helps a furnace run efficiently and properly heat a home. It is also important to clean air ducts every three years to help the system work properly.
  2. Seal up drafty areas. Heat will find many ways to escape in the winter. Use your hand and see if you can feel a light breeze around the window frame. A draft can be contained with a heavy curtain or it may require new weather stripping or caulking. Doors are also a problem area for drafts. A door sweep can help with drafts, but also rolling up a blanket or towel to place at the bottom of the door can eliminate a draft.
  3. Utilize the fireplace. It is a great source of heat for a localized area. However, a chimney can vent out warm air when it is not in use. A damper or fireplace doors keep the warm air from drafting out of the chimney.
  4. Contain with curtains. Along with preventing a draft, curtains can be a useful tool for trapping warm air. Open them up to let the sunshine in and close them in the evening to keep heat from drafting out.
  5. Move furniture away from vents if possible. Sofas and recliners will absorb the warm air coming out of your floor vents. Reorganizing furniture to keep them away from vents will help make a home more efficient.

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