Chimney Sweeps for Santa!


Le-Squeegee can hardly sleep as he anticipates a visit from Santa. To make sure that Santa comes down the chimney with presents and not coal, Le-Squeegee just had his chimney swept. Now he wants to tell Newman Nation why it is important to have regular chimney sweeps!

Safety is the number one reason to have your chimney swept by a professional once a year. A clean chimney ventilates not only smoke, but dangerous toxins. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious side effect from a dirty and poorly ventilated chimney. Creosote buildup is a natural occurrence when using your fireplace. However, creosote will continue to build inside a chimney and become a serious safety concern. A burning ember from a fire is all that is required to ignite creosote and start a house fire.

A clean chimney also creates a more efficient home. A properly functioning fireplace or wood stove requires less fuel and more heating benefits. A clean chimney does not get damaged as easily and prevents costly repairs.

Not only is a clean chimney beneficial for Santa, but for everyone’s health & safety.

Le-Squeegee wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Check back next week for another post from Le-Squeegee!

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