Cleaning for spring allergies


Spring comes with seasonal allergies. Team Newman and Le-Squeegee have a few tips to help reduce the impact that allergens make inside your home.

First, during the current pandemic, it is important to do all your cleaning while wearing disposable gloves and a mask. Take the necessary precaution to ensure your health and safety.

Clean bedding frequently – Bedding is a place where allergens can accumulate. The Mayo Clinic recommends washing your bedding once a week with a water temperature of at least 130 F.

Carpet and upholstered furniture – Upholstery in your home and carpeted furniture can trap and hold on to allergens. If possible, vacuum weekly with a HEPA filtered vacuum. Spring is also a great time to have a professional carpet cleaning to ensure the best indoor air quality. Blinds and drapes also trap allergens. If possible wash and clean them to eliminate an allergen buildup.

Keep windows closed during spring allergen season – If possible, keep windows closed and use air conditioning to keep the house cool. Make sure the filters for your air conditioning and, or furnace is clean to promote the best air quality. If this is not an option, increase the frequency of cleaning to combat allergens.

Air duct cleaning – One often forgotten aspect of indoor air quality is the ducts and vents in a home. A professional cleaning should occur every three years. This is a vital piece of proper indoor air quality. A professional duct cleaning can reduce the amount of pollen, dust and dirt in a home. Make sure to utilize a company which will clean all parts of the system including trunk lines.

Reduce the amount of surfaces for allergens – One basic way to do this is declutter your living spaces. It can reduce the area for allergens to stay and also makes regular cleaning much easier.

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