Cleaning Up After Your Pets


Le-Squeegee knows that your dogs are spending a lot of time inside during this cold winter weather. So with your furry friends making a bit more of a mess inside than usual, Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help clean up after them.

  1. Utilize used dryer sheets or wet paper towel to wipe up dog hair – Don’t throw away those used dryer sheets! They are great for quickly wiping up loose hair around the house. A piece of wet paper towel or a lint roller will also work, but the used dryer sheet is a cool way to recycle something normally thrown away. Do not use a dryer sheet to wipe the loose straight off the dog because it could create an allergic reaction.
  2. Wash their collar – Does your dog smell even after they get a bath? Well sometimes it is a stinky collar that is the problem. Soak it with some dog shampoo and warm water and then rinse it out and let it air dry. The result should be a nice and clean collar. This same method can also be used on those stinky toys.
  3. Groom regularly – While it can be labor intensive, this is really the best way to keep shedding to a minimum and reduce the time spent vacuuming and wiping away fur.
  4. Wipe those paws – When your dog goes outside in the winter, there is little doubt they are going to bring some mud or snow back inside with them. Wipe down their paws before letting them run all over the house.
  5. Believe in baking soda – Notice a smell from the dog bed or upholstery in the house? Utilize a heavy sprinkle of baking soda and let dwell for 20 minutes. Then vacuum up the baking soda and it should absorb a decent amount of pet smells.
  6. Wipe up all accidents as soon as possible – Whether on the carpet or hardwood, clean up a pet accident as soon as possible by soaking it up with paper towel. Urine will settle in the carpet pad and soak through hardwood, so get on it right away. If you need some added help, Newman Restoration & Cleaning is only a phone call away from taking care of your pet urine stains.

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