Do not forget about dryer vent cleaning


A sweep of the dryer vent needs to be completed yearly. A clogged dryer vent can develop multiple issues for a home.


Fire hazard – A clogged dryer vent is a severe fire hazard. If heat from the dryer cannot vent properly, lint is susceptible to igniting. Protect your home by ensuring the dryer vent is cleaned regularly and always empty out the lint trap after each use.


Increase efficiency – A clogged dryer vent will increase drying times. This will increase the electrical bill. A clean dryer vent will promote efficiency and allow for the clothes to dry faster. Shorter dry times also prevent extra wear and tear on the dryer. 


Improved air quality – If a dryer vent is clogged, humidity can build up in and around the dryer. This can cause microbial growth in and around the unit. Microbial growth can worsen indoor air quality and sometimes requires an expensive fix.


Signs a dryer vent needs to be cleaned – Clothes taking longer to dry than normal is a sign the dryer vent needs to be cleaned. A burning smell or mildew smell is another good indicator. Also, extra lint buildup is a sign of a dryer vent becoming more clogged. If these signs are observed, it is imperative to get the dryer vent cleaned out.

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