Emergency Preparedness


Are you prepared as a homeowner, renter or property owner for an Emergency? With the recent weather and temperature changes we are seeing a large number of fires, floods and the like. So Le-Squeegee wanted to share some “Emergency Preparedness” Tips:

1. Do you have a Plan in Place in Case of an Emergency? Emergencies don’t plan for you but you should plan for an Emergency. Do you have an evacuation Plan for you, your Family and your Pets? It’s a good idea to have a pre-plan for your family to get out safe and sound should you experience a fire or flood, etc.

2. Do you know where your Shut Off’s are? It’s a good idea to properly mark and label your Water Main Shut Off Valve, the same for your Electrical and Natural Gas. These can typically be found in a Utility Closet in your residence. If you have trouble locating these please consult with one of our technicians as they can help you find and label these.

3. Are the Batteries in your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms current and tested? It’s a best practice to swap out for fresh batteries when the Time Change occurs in the Spring and Fall! Some homes do not have Carbon Monoxide Detectors, but they can be purchased at a local hardware store for less than $40 each.

4. Do you have Fire Extinguishers properly located throughout your home or rental so that if you should experience a small fire that you can get to them quickly? Also do you and your family know how to properly discharge a Fire Extinguisher? These can be purchased at a local hardware store for around $40 each.

5. Le-Squeegee believes that you should create a Go-To Booklet of Service Technicians to help you when you need it most. Best Practice would be having service techs listed such as: Electrician, Plumber and HVAC along with their Phone # and After Hours #’s listed for your convenience.

6. Lastly, we suggest you looking thru the website for Emergency Preparedness for you and your family. Please see this website for info on: Fires, Floods, Power Outages, Winter Weather, etc. https://www.ready.gov/

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