Friday the 13th!


Do you have paraskevidekatriaphobia?

Well paraskevidekatriaphobia is fear of today, Friday the 13th. So, in the spirit of Friday the 13th, Le-Squeegee has a few tips on how to clean up after an unlucky event!

Cross paths with a black cat – and it leaves a mess on your carpet! – While it is unlucky to cross paths with a black cat, it is even worse if it leaves a mess on your carpet. Pet contamination can leave stains and a lasting smell. Does the smell come back a few days after cleaning? This is a common problem occurring from the contamination soaking into the pad. In drastic cases, the pad may need to be removed, but Newman Restoration and Cleaning has a specialty piece of equipment that can rinse the carpet pad through the carpet.

A broken mirror may be 7 years of bad luck, but can also be difficult to clean out of carpets and rugs – Glass fragments can be almost impossible to clean out of carpet. It can also be damaging to household vacuums. Avoid spreading the broken glass by picking it up as quickly as possible. Using cut proof gloves, pick up the bigger pieces and use a shop vac to vacuum up as much as possible. Use a piece of adhesive tape and press it along the carpet to get the finer particles. Use a flashlight and look from different angles to try and find all the fragments. In more drastic cases, the only way to ensure there is no broken glass in the carpet is to remove it from the home.

Opening an umbrella indoors is considered by many to be unlucky. Well if you have been required to open up your umbrella indoors after a leak in your home there are a few steps to limit the damage – Turn off the water as quickly as possible. It is important to know where your water shut off is so the damage from a leak can be limited. Another important step is to protect the flooring and furniture. Having a few tarps stored somewhere in your home is a good idea. This can be used to protect flooring and furniture from an overhead leak. Also, beware of cross contamination.

Try to avoid spreading water throughout the property by not walking into unaffected rooms.

Cleaning a new home with an old broom – A superstition for a few, it is considered unlucky to clean a new home with an old broom. Post construction cleanup can be a difficult task. Newman Restoration and Cleaning recommends a full air duct cleaning after new construction to remove any dust and particles. Concrete dust can be especially dangerous. Utilizing air scrubbers and proper personal protective equipment is necessary when dealing with concrete dust.

Knock on wood? Too much wear and tear on your hardwood floors? – Most hardwood floors can be refinished every 6-12 years. Dirt and grime is the enemy of hardwood floors. However, regular cleaning can keep hardwood looking fresh and protected.

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