Getting Rid Of Ice Dams


As the calendar turns the page to February, it seems like there are a few more cold stretches ahead. One problem for homeowners that can lead to costly repairs in the winter is the buildup of ice dams on the roof. These dams can damage gutters, shingles and lead to costly water damage. Well Le-Squeegee has a few tips to prevent and eliminate ice dams if they occur on your roof.

Utilize heated cables – This is one of the best ways to prevent the buildup of ice dams in the first place. If installed before the bad weather hits, they can equalize the temperature of the roof and stop a dam from forming.

Interior cold air – The warm air inside of a home is melting the underneath layer of snow or ice that is built up on the roof. This can cause water to creep into a home. A quick solution is to point a large air moving fan at the area of the leak to cool down that spot and help the water on the roof refreeze. This temporary solution can buy enough time to come up with a more permanent solution.

Utilize a roof rake – There are specially designed roof rakes to help pull snow off a roof and prevent an ice dam. However, this method can damage a gutter if done incorrectly. Make sure every person and pet is clear of possible falling debris before starting with the roof rake.

Calcium chloride and stockings – Fill the leg of an old stocking or panty hose with calcium chloride or another ice melting material. Have the bottom end just overlapping the gutter and the rest pointed straight up the slope of the roof. This method should develop a channel for the ice dam to melt itself off the roof.

Check attic insulation – A warm attic is the usual source of heat that helps an ice dam develop. Check the level of attic insulation to help keep the attic cold and the home warmer. Roof and soffit vents are another solution to help keep an attic cool.

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