Hardwood floor cleaning brings lots of benefits


Hardwood floor cleaning does more than improve the looks of your flooring. Proper cleaning and maintenance can even extend the life of your floors.


Dust, sweep or mop regularly – It is important to clean your wood floors regularly. Dusting, sweeping and or mopping should be completed every few days. It is important to remove surface contamination as it can ruin finish or leave scratches. Any spills or stains should be cleaned up immediately. Water can penetrate into the flooring and cause swelling or microbial growth. Utilize furniture pads to prevent scratching. Furniture can cause hard wood floors with scratches or wear marks. 


Use a vacuum weekly – A vacuum with a bare floor or hardwood setting is very effective for cleaning floors and preventing damage. A vacuum will get the dirt and debris which can settle into the crevices and be missed with sweeping or mopping.


Clean with hardwood floor cleaner multiple times a year – There are many products available for hardwood floor cleaning. Make sure you pick one that is suited for your type of floor. It is often best to test any new products before using it.


Have a professional cleaning completed once a year – A professional deep clean of your hardwood floors can maintain a hardwood’s natural beauty. A deep clean will eliminate all abrasive particles and ensure a lasting clean. 


Refinish flooring every few years – Hardwood flooring needs to be refinished every few years depending on the amount of traffic it gets. This range is normally between three to six years.

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