Holiday cleaning tips!


The holiday season is upon us and Team Newman has a few tips to be prepared and clean during your holiday celebrations.


Be stocked on cleaning supplies – Nothing is worse than getting into the cleaning rhythm and running out of an important supply. This can diminish your cleaning motivation and take up a lot of time to run to the store! Be stocked up so there are no bumps in the road.


Set out extra trash cans – If you are having a gathering for the holidays and want cleanup to be easier, set out a few extra trash receptacles. When people have an easy way to tidy up they are more likely to do it! Most of us keep our trash in or around the kitchen and that can be a busy place. Put a trash receptacle out where people are congregating and make it easy for them to throw stuff away!


Empty out your fridge to make room for ingredients and leftovers – It is best to get rid of the expired items before you go grocery shopping. When you come home you do not have to negotiate a packed fridge and you can easily find space for the important stuff. It is also nice to have some room for leftovers from the holiday party.


Remove the clutter – Often the easiest way to make a space look cleaner is to remove the clutter. Take those items you will not be using off the kitchen counter. Tidy up the spaces your guests will occupy and it can make a major improvement in a short amount of time. 


Make sure the small things are easily accessible – If you are having guests over, keep some spare paper towels laying around so a mess can be cleaned up easily. Keep coasters in plain sight so people will use them. 


Have the bathroom fully stocked – This area will experience more traffic with the holiday season. Be sure to have plenty of hand soap and toilet paper. Nothing is worse than going to the restroom and being without a square to spare.


Make sure guests follow your rules! And give them some hints – If you would like guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home, have a place for them to put their shoes. Make it easy for people to follow the rules that will help you keep a clean home. It is also nice to have a space where guests can store their winter jackets. 

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