Le Squeegee’s Allergy Tips


Have allergies been bothering you the last few weeks? Well Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help reduce those allergies that are bothering you.

Clean carpets and area rugs – Carpets and area rugs trap allergens and can hold them for a long time. It is a good idea to get them professionally cleaned to help reduce allergens in your home.

Regularly wash bedding – You spend a good portion of the day in bed. Regularly cleaning bedding can be a big help for allergies.

Remove clutter where possible – Dust and allergens can build up in cluttered areas. Store blankets, extra clothes, books, or any material that can build up dust in easy to clean plastic containers.

Is it time to clean your air ducts? – If you have not had your air ducts cleaned in the last three years it is time to do so! Dust can build up in your air duct system and this will trap allergens and cause them to build up. The air ducts are the lungs of your home and if they are not clean, the air can be filled with dust and allergens and not circulate properly. If your allergies are worse this year than in the past, it could mean it is time to get your air ducts professionally cleaned. Also remember to get your filter changed with the seasons.

Clean furniture and upholstered items when possible – Dust and allergens can build up on furniture, especially upholstered items. Some leather, wood and plastic pieces can be easily wiped down, however upholstered items may require professional cleaning.

If possible, keep windows closed when allergies are bad – Many allergens migrate from the outside into your home through windows and doors. If possible, keep them closed and run the A/C. However, if it is more cost effective to keep windows open to cool your home, increase the frequency of your regular cleaning to keep up with possible dust and allergens.

Develop a weekly cleaning routine – The best way to maintain a home with limited impact from allergens is to have a dedicated cleaning routine. Keeping areas free of dust and clutter will make a big impact.

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