Le-Squeegee’s Holiday Safety Tips


Le-Squeegee wishes all of Newman Nation Happy Holidays and has a few helpful tips to ensure the holiday season is a safe one.

Be mindful of your tree – It is best to keep your tree away from potential heat sources. A fireplace, wood stove or heater could ignite a dry tree. A dry tree is a safety risk, so make sure it stays hydrated or invest in an artificial tree.

Decorate Responsibly – When stringing up holiday lights, make sure you have someone supporting your ladder. Replace cords that have frayed or damaged sockets. Do not pierce cords or wires with a nail when trying to hang them. Utilizing a timer or turning off the holiday lights before bed is responsible for the electrical bill and prevents overheating. Also, do not overload a socket with multiple extension cords.

Safety for kids and pets – Fragile ornaments are a safety hazard for pets and children, especially ones that look like a toy or food. Unbreakable ornaments are a way to avoid danger and have a beautiful tree.

Be chimney conscious – The holiday season is the perfect time to utilize the fireplace, but chimney neglect can be dangerous. A yearly chimney sweep helps avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning or fire from creosote buildup. Also, do not burn wrapping paper in the fireplace as it can ignite quickly.

Follow these safety tips from Le-Squeegee and enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

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