Spring Cleaning – Area Rugs


Spring cleaning time is here! Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help clean and take care of some very important pieces in your home – area rugs

Follow the care label instruction – Some rugs come with a care label or instruction tag. It has specific recommendations for properly maintaining your rug. It is always wise to follow these instructions, plus they may also have warranty information

Know what material your rug is – Wool, synthetic, cotton? It is important to know what material your rug is as that determines the best method for cleaning. Even when using a product for the recommended material, test in an inconspicuous area first. Colors can bleed even when using the correct product and the rug can be easily ruined

Maintain regular maintenance – It is important to vacuum rugs regularly. At least once every two weeks and more frequently if it is in a high traffic area. Dirt can easily ruin a rugs appearance and cause it to wear faster. When vacuuming, adjust your vacuum to the lowest speed, as a high speed can pull fibers from the rug

Do a deep clean – Once a year, it can be beneficial to deep clean an area rug. Like other carpet in your home, a rug will trap dirt and debris beyond what a vacuum can eliminate. A deep clean makes for a healthier rug and healthier home

Be careful with antique rugs – A poor cleaning of an antique rug can create thousands of dollars of damage. Even over cleaning an old rug can destroy fibers and bleed colors. Le-Squeegee knows that the value of an antique rug often comes from what it means to the family that has passed it down. Please make sure that whomever cleans it really knows what they are doing

If you have any questions about area rug cleaning, or would just like the trained technicians at Newman Restoration & Cleaning to handle it for you, please call our office at 406-672-2819.

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