Stay vigilant with cleaning habits at home and at work


Whether at home or at work, there are multiple steps that can be used to protect against COVID 19. The most important steps remain maintaining social distancing, getting vaccinated, wearing masks when appropriate, regular hand washing and staying home and getting tested when showing symptoms. 


According to the CDC, risk of infection from touching a surface is low. With no confirmed or suspected cases, cleaning once a day is recommended. When dealing with a positive case, disinfecting surfaces is recommended. The CDC has lists of products recommended for both cleaning and disinfecting. 


Develop a plan and schedule for cleaning. Whether at home or at work, it is important to have a plan for cleaning. This can ensure no spaces are overlooked. Prioritize the cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces. These often include desks, door handles, fixtures, keyboards and remotes. Ensure the cleaning products being used are appropriate for the situation and surface. Read the label to understand the health hazards of certain cleaners and disinfectants. Gloves and or eye protection may be required. 


If someone in the household is showing symptoms it is important to clean and disinfect areas they have occupied. Gloves and masks and frequent hand washing should be utilized. Wash clothing, towels and bedding on the warmest possible setting. 


If someone has tested positive in the workspace, the CDC has multiple recommendations on how to handle the situation. Close off the areas utilized by the person who has been sick. Wait as long as possible, at least several hours before cleaning and disinfecting. When cleaning, open doors and windows and use fans and HVAC systems to circulate air. Use a mask and gloves when cleaning and focus on the areas utilized by the person who has tested positive. 

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