Summer Safety Tips


As summer weather approaches, Team Newman has a few helpful summer safety tips.


Use sunscreen when heading outside – A sunburn can ruin your summer fun very quickly. Make the decision to put sunscreen on before you head outside. Make sure to reapply sunscreen frequently as it does not protect you all day.


Be mindful of the summer heat and proper hydration – Whether it is the kids playing outside or someone working on the yard, hydration is a key to summer safety. Heat stroke can happen quickly. Take frequent breaks and hydrate properly. If you start feeling tired, dizzy, lightheaded or unwell, it is a sign you need to take a break and hydrate.


Don’t be too cool for safety gear – Safety gear exists to protect you so make sure you are utilizing it properly. Whether you are working on a little remodel or gardening outside, gloves and safety glass go a long way in protecting you. Are the kids outside riding bikes or skateboards? Make sure they have the proper safety gear so they can be protected from a trip or fall. 


Be extra careful around the pool – Remind your kids, and yourself, that the area around the pool can be slippery. Make sure inexperienced swimmers are not let unattended around the pool. 


Be mindful of mosquitos – Mosquito bites are annoying but can also be dangerous. Use a repellant when outside to keep mosquitos away. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of stagnant water on your property as it is a mosquito breeding ground.


Just plan ahead! – It is always good to make a plan and inform others of your plan. If you are going camping or hiking, tell some family or friends where you will be staying and for how long. If you are going out on the town for the night, make a plan for a designated driver! Planning ahead can make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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