Summer saftey tips


As the warm weather arrives, Team Newman and Le-Squeegee have a few tips for staying safe this summer. Many of these safety tips are implemented for our work at Newman Restoration & Cleaning.

Walk around vehicle or trailer before driving – Whether it is a team member at Newman Restoration driving a truck and trailer for work, or hauling the boat to the lake, it is important to do a 360 walk around of all vehicles and trailers before setting off. A walk around can spot any obstruction near the vehicle and avoid a disaster.

Stay safe in the sun – Working in the sun? Take a break every 20 minutes to drink water and avoid overexertion. Heat stroke can happen quickly and cause serious injury. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and reapply every two hours.

Follow social distancing recommendations – It remains vitally important this summer to follow social distancing recommendations set by the local government. It will still be possible to enjoy the summer in a safe and responsible way.

Watch for kids, bikers and motorcyclists – With the warm weather all around us in Montana, it is crucial to pay attention to children playing, bikers and motorcyclists. Take your time and drive safely.

Stay regimented with a cleaning routine for yourself and your home – Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. Maintain a home cleaning routine as our community continues dealing with the current pandemic.

Avoid mosquitoes and other disease carrying bugs – Mosquitos and ticks can transmit diseases, so make yourself prepared when outside this summer. Utilize bug spray and avoid scented perfume or cologne which can attract bugs.

Check children’s toys, bikes and play equipment for safety – Whether it is a bike, swing set, or trampoline, inspect these items before they are used. Winter weather can cause components to rust and weaken. Make play time a safe one by reviewing these items before they go back into use.

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