Sweep your chimney before first use this winter


For most of us, we do not think about getting a chimney sweep until the first few cold days of fall when we want to use our fireplace. However, scheduling a chimney sweep for the summer months has a few advantages.


Avoid the scheduling rush – Most of us think about utilizing a fireplace for the first time when the temperatures start to drop. However, chimney sweep companies can be very busy in the fall and early winter. Make it easy and support a local business by getting it scheduled in the summer. 


Safer work environment and avoid delays – Frost or snow buildup on a roof can make it dangerous to perform a chimney sweep. If the weather conditions are too hazardous it can lead to a cancellation. Performing a chimney sweep in the summer makes the situation safer and easier.


Be ready for that first cold day of fall – With a professional chimney sweep in the summer, your fireplace will be ready for that first cold day of fall. This will eliminate any worry or concern of a backup or issue.


Why is a chimney sweep important – Newman Restoration recommends a yearly chimney sweep. This will prevent a dangerous creosote buildup from occurring. This is a common cause of a house fire. A chimney sweep also helps with drafting and allowing for the smoke to efficiently flow out of the home. 


What is the chimney sweep process? – At Newman Restoration, we utilize a three fan, HEPA filtered vacuum which is inserted into the fireplace or wood burning stove. A series of brushes and rods are deployed from the top of the chimney, when possible, and the vacuum at the bottom catches the debris. After the sweep, the fireplace or wood burning stove is cleaned. Team Newman uses plastic and tarps to ensure the area around the fireplace is protected.

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