The positives of duct cleaning


September is a great time to have a heating and cooling system cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency. Team Newman recommends a cleaning every three years for an HVAC system. This not only benefits efficiency but also promotes cleaner air quality inside a home or business. 


Energy savings – Contamination built up inside the duct work of an HVAC system can cause a system to operate inefficiently. A proper cleaning will eliminate the built up debris and allow the system to operate properly and improve effectiveness. A more efficient HVAC system can reduce the energy bill at a home or business.


Improve air quality – Dust, pollen, dirt and debris can sit inside the duct work and impact the air quality of a home or business. A professional air duct cleaning will remove these contaminants and improve the air quality. 


Less wear and tear on the HVAC system – A clean system will run more efficiently and increase the lifespan of the HVAC system. A professional cleaning every three years lessens the chances of costly repairs.


 Peace of mind – Once a system has been cleaned, it is often relaxing to know that you will be experiencing all of the benefits of a clean HVAC system. 

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